International Riders For Christ Online Membership Form.

You may also download and print some forms from the 'Forms To Download' page. If you have questions or need assistance please contact us.

IRFC Online Membership Application 

 The following are defined as:

Adult: Any person that is 18 yrs. of age when application is completed.

 Child: Any person that is under the age of 18 when application is completed.

Couple: Two persons that are adults, by definition above, and living as a couple in the same house.

Family: A group of related persons living in the same house as a family unit. Grandparent, Parent, child, grandchild, legally adopted or foster children, Aunt, Uncle.


Individual Adult Membership: $20.00     Couple Membership ( 2 adults in same household) $30.00

Family Membership: Each Adult: $15.00 Each Child: $10.00

*NOTE: Any child that is 7yrs. old or under when application is completed, will be allowed  free membership with a paid Adult membership in the same family, for that year. 

By completing and signing this application you agree that you have read, in its entirety, all Rules and Regulations, Liability Agreement, and All related information pertaining to the I.R.F.C., and that you understand and agree to abide by all that has been provided for you to read, sign or agree to, in order to be a member or participate in any I.R.F.C. activities.

Please complete all information for each applicant. A parent or guardians signature is required for any person who is under the age of 18 at the time of application.

Please complete the membership information for each applicant. Be sure to indicate for each applicant, if they wish to enroll in the IRFC ride/drive program, be sure all forms are signed, total all fees and you must pay through Pay-Pal with Debit, Credit, or Pre-Paid Card. This will allow you to participate in the ride/Drive log Program immediately. HOWEVER, you MUST send a paper copy of the application(s) that is signed, AND all signed and notarized release forms, BEFORE you will receive membership cards, be included on the IRFC roster, or be able to participate in any IRFC activities. This is the only option at this time for payment, Please do NOT send a paper check or Money order through the mail, as they will be returned to you.

If PayPal payment is made with a card that is in another name other than that of Applicant, or Applicant's family, Please state that information when you mail your forms, so payment can be correctly applied and membership is not delayed. This form of payment helps make it simple for you, helps us with record keeping, and we do NOT have contact with your credit card or checking information.

You may mail all forms to:         IRFC

                                                 PO BOX 569

                                      VALLEY MILLS, TX. 76689                                                  


Thank You and God Bless!



Enrolling In Rider/Driver Program

Type Of Membership

Additional Applicant's?

I, Applicant or Parent/Guardian, have read and do agree to all Rules and Regulations, Liability Release and my Responsibilities as a member of the IRFC. I understand that my status as an active member will NOT be in force until such time as all notarized and signed forms are received and approved by IRFC, and that I shall keep my IRFC membership card in my posession at all times, while participating in IRFC activities. I release IRFC from all liability for myself, my posessions, my animals and any minor that is in my care.

I agree that the above electronic signature is my signature and I am bound by all that it implies

Thank you for your membership application. Once you have completed an application for each member and submitted it, Please go to the IRFC checkout and store and use PayPal to pay your fees. Once this is done print off a copy of the liability release form, fill it out, have it notarized and mail it to IRFC P.O. Box 569 Valley Mills, Tx. 76689.When your payment and the notarized liability release is received by IRFC, You will be sent a membership card for each member you have paid for. Thank You and Welcome. Let's Ride!

You will find downloadable Liability Release Form, Rider/Driver forms and others, under the Forms Tab at the top of the web page. 

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