IRFC Membership Rules and Regulations

Supreme Authority over this organization and all its activities is vested in Gods' own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and exercised by the Holy Spirit. 
International Riders For Christ is not a substitute for the local Church or Assembly.  It seeks, rather, through God's enabling Grace, to be a helper to all local Churches, denominations and groups to the extent that they are in harmony with the Will of the Almighty God and Salvation through His Son Jesus.  Its function is to proclaim the Word of God and share that Word, Jesus Christ, through Equine activities and Fellowship.  It is designed for outreach and building up of the Body of Christ, in harmony with the work of the Holy Spirit as an active force in the Lord's program for today
. This organization may choose to be associated with certain Churches, Fellowships, or other like-minded groups in activities, rides, advertisement, Worship, or any other joint venture, but will remain a private organization in body, name, and Assembly; not being liable for, or governed by another, other than the Supreme Authority and as afforded by Law.

IRFC is a privately owned Organization open to the public for membership. Membership dues are collected on a yearly basis, with dues to be received by March 1st of each Yr. Individual or Family Memberships are available. All members 16 yrs of age, as of Membership date, are allowed to vote for all yr. end awards and other member required voting ballots. They may also hold the rank of Prayer Warrior (Any Age) or Assistant Youth Pastor, Youth Activities Coordinator, or work on a Committee. Lead Pastor/Owner and Founder of Organization,  has the determining say in all matters of disagreement within the best interest of the Organization,  oversees the finances of the organization with the assistance of the Assistant Pastor(s) and is a permanent position which shall serve as the Chairman of The Executive Committee. Assistant Pastor(s) are appointed by the Lead Pastor and work hand in hand with the Lead Pastor in all capacities, which relate to the leadership of IRFC. Assistant Pastor(s) is/are Permanent member(s) of the Executive Committee as long as appointment(s) remains in good standing. Assistant Pastor(s ) may resign or position(s) may be terminated at will by the Lead Pastor. All voting done by the body of members will be to elect the below listed Officials, determine what issues the organization wants to present to the Executive Committee and to determine work committees and other presented issues.

There are also memberships available for Associate Regional Groups. A Regional group is a group of persons who wish to form an associate group, in an area that is not covered by the nearest IRFC group. These Regions are divided into several counties each and are regulated by the IRFC founder. Each Associate group must have a minimum of 12 members to form their own group and must be approved by the Founder. Associate groups are required to pay the Founders group, an annual associate Fee to cover IRFC Patches and Membership Cards. Everyone MUST complete and return the Liability Release. For more information on Associate groups, contact IRFC.

Cowboy Churches and others are invited to join as Circuit Riders. Circuit Rider groups can represent their own organization while also representing the IRFC. These groups do not participate in voting, elections or other private organization matters but ride as a supporting group with their own Church group. There is an annual membership fee, Based on the size of the organization. ($10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child) to cover membership cards and office fees. The Form for Circuit Rider groups may be obtained by request and MUST be completed, signed and returned by an official of the Church or organization requesting membership. If a member should choose to become a full IRFC member, they will need to complete the application and pay the difference in applicable fees.

 Everyone MUST complete and return the Liability Release. For more information contact IRFC.


Offices within the IRFC Organization To Be Determined By Majority Membership Vote Are:

President: The President shall be the chairperson of all called meetings of the club, shall call meetings as necessary, and shall serve as the liaison between other organizations, and the IRFC. Must be 18 yrs. of age or older. Must also serve on the Executive Committee and reports to the Pastor(s). 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall serve as chairperson in the Presidents absence. Must be 18 yrs. of age or older. Must also serve on the Executive Committee. 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence of the club, shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings, the membership information and announcements for meetings, and contact  information up to date, for all members. Must be 18 yrs. of age or older. 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Activities Captain: The Activities Captain shall be in charge of planning, organizing and presenting ideas for membership voting, for activities our riders may want to participate in, such as Parades, Drills, Trail rides and etc. Must be 18 yrs. of age or older. 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Assistant Activities Captain:  shall assist the Activities Captain regarding all planning, organizing and presenting ideas for IRFC Activities, including Committee Assignments, and shall act in the absence of the Activities Captain. Must be 16 yrs. of age or older. 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Youth Activities Coordinator: In charge of planning, organizing and presenting ideas for activities our youth riders and non-riders may want to participate in, and may work hand in hand with the Activities Captain and Assistant. Must be 16 yrs. of age or older. 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Sergeant At Arms: The Sergeant At Arms shall be responsible for maintaining all the rules and regulations of the IRFC, collecting any information surrounding any reported infraction, according to the written rules of the IRFC, and reporting those findings to the Executive Committee.  Must be over 18 yrs. of age and serve on the Executive Committee. 2011-2013 and then on a yearly basis.

Captain of the Outrider's : The Outrider's Captain shall be responsible for leading the Outriders. The Captain will be responsible for organizing and instructing the outriders on their duties, gathering information pertaining to safety issues and rule violations and working with the Sergeant At Arms and the Pastors, is a member of the Executive Committee. Must be 21 yrs. of age or older. 2011-2013, may become an appointed position for an extended period of time. Reports to the Lead Pastor.

Outrider's: An even number of persons, elected to follow the Outrider's Captain. Duties are primarily to ride the grounds or areas of any IRFC activity, to ensure the safety of all concerned. Even though they are to watch for rule violations and safety issues, these persons are NOT police or security personnel, they are here for our safety and the safety of others. Their duties are to look for possible safety issues and or rule violations that could lead to safety issues like: persons riding double, loose dogs, loose horses, persons riding a horse they cannot control, etc.  and to correct the issue(s) before injury occurs. They are also responsible for clearing the way and directing traffic, pedestrians, riders, out of the way of emergency vehicle and personnel during an emergency or other situations. Any member not complying with an Outrider or the Outrider Captains request of that member to immediately comply with IRFC rules, can and will result in either suspension of IRFC membership or termination of membership for up to 12 months. Must be 21 yrs. of age or older. 2011-2013.

Prayer Warriors: Prayer Warriors shall be responsible for communicating prayer needs related to the club, visiting sick or injured members at Hospitals or their homes, and other related duties.

Youth Assistant Pastor(s): Assists the Pastors within the youth groups. Lead youth groups on any outings or youth related Activities.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee of the IRFC shall consist of the Lead and Assistant Pastor(s), The President, Vice-President, Sergeant At Arms and the Captain of the Outriders, and they shall have power to meet and make decisions regarding activities or concerns of the IRFC. They shall be recognized as the official Officers of International Riders For Christ-IRFC. They are the determining voters for all issues presented to them by the body of IRFC members and all emergency issues. There must be at least three members of the Executive Committee present in order to hold a vote on non-emergency issues.

Lifetime Paid Members: LPM are those individuals who, because of their generosity, yrs. of paid membership, or special circumstances agreed and voted upon by the Executive Committee, are bestowed upon the privilege of all paid member rights and responsibilities, for the remainder of their natural life, without paying their annual dues.  LPM will retain all voting rights.

Honorary Members: Honorary Members are those individuals who, because of health reasons, age, special restrictions, exemplary actions and/or mentorship, are permitted to wear the official colors of the IRFC from a majority decision by all the IRFC membership and presented to and accepted by the Executive Committee. Honorary Members will be non-voting members.


Members of International Riders For Christ (I.R.F.C.) represent the organization while wearing the IRFC patch or clothing, while riding as an organization, performing in Drills, participating as a Posse, or other group activities. Therefore,  all members are required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while representing IRFC.  The following is a list of general rules and regulations that all members agree to abide by, when applying for membership. These rules and regulations may be amended at anytime and if amended in any way, all members are to be notified of those changes immediately, by announcement on website, e-mails, announcement at meetings, or prior to any IRFC activity. By application you are acknowledging you will learn all rules and agree to abide by them, whether in force when application was made or afterward. It is the responsibility of each member to check the website or consult with an Official prior to an IRFC activity, if there are any questions about the rules or anything to do with IRFC.

Members should always behave appropriately and not use unsuitable language or behave in a manner which others may find offensive, while participating in an IRFC activity or representing IRFC in any way.

No member will partake of alcohol or illegal drugs while representing IRFC at any event or while wearing IRFC patch or other member identifying attire or emblems.

No member shall be inhumane to any animal at anytime including excessive whipping, spurring, jerking, or any action that the majority of the Executive Committee rules as inhumane treatment.

All Members shall have their IRFC membership card, on their person or readily available at all times while attending IRFC events, or participating in any representation form for IRFC. No member shall lend, share or duplicate their IRFC membership documents, patches or other membership information at any time or for any reason,IRFC Officials or other card carrying members, may request further identification for verification of membership, at any time. Any member found to be participating in this type of behavior will lose their membership rights with No refund of any kind and will not be allowed membership application for a period of 12 months from the time of suspension.

All Equines used by a member, or brought to any IRFC activity, will be required to have a current negative Coggins. 

No Stallions will be allowed at any IRFC activity. (With the exception of any show or event that allows for the showing of a Stallion).

No Equine or mount of any kind will be allowed to participate in any IRFC activity if it is uncontrollable, dangerous, or in any way a threat or risk to the safety of competitors, participants, other animals or spectators, including a mount that cannot be controlled by its rider due to riders age or ability.

Any animal that is known to kick, bite or otherwise be known to act in any manner that could cause injury or harm to another animal or person, shall be identified by placing a RED ribbon on the animal. (If your horse kicks at other horses, tie a red ribbon in its tail.) If you know your dog bites or is agressive in any way, Leave the dog at home! YOU are responsible for your animals’ actions in any and all civil or criminal complaints. By applying for membership you agree that IRFC is in no way liable for any action of any animal at or brought to any activity IRFC is participating in or holding. The actions of any animal is the sole responsibility of that animals owner(s). You furthermore, release IRFC of any obligation, legal or otherwise, pertaining to your safety, or the safety of any person, animal or posession in your care, while participating, representing, or otherwise to do with the IRFC.

All dogs must have proof of current rabies vaccination and must be either held, on a leash, or otherwise restrained at all times. IRFC loves animals and yes they are Gods creation and we do welcome them. However, they are your responsibility and we will NOT allow anyone, animals included, to be disrespectful, dangerous, or otherwise harmful to others. By application, you agree and understand that the potential for injury is high when you have animals and people together. It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to insure the safety of our IRFC family and anyone around us.

Children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied to IRFC activities by an adult member. No child or children may be left at an IRFC activity unsupervised, at ANY time. Children and pets brought to any IRFC meeting will not be allowed to disrupt the meeting. (No running, screaming, etc.) If they do so, you will be asked to remove them. We will try to have someone direct activities for them while we conduct our business. If a member should bring a child that is not legally their child or under their legal guardianship, under the age of 18, with them to any IRFC activity, that member shall provide IFRC officials with a signed and notarized liability release form, from the childs parent or guardian. You can download and print this form from our website or contact our office for one. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not have this form completed and notarized, the child will not be allowed to participate in any IRFC activity.

Members may bring, and are incouraged to bring, guests to any IRFC meeting and or Practice, for the purpose of introducing them to the IRFC. Non- Members may not participate in Drill Team, Posse or other IRFC activities, until membership fees and notorized liability release has been received by IRFC. Any guest is is expected to follow all IRFC rules and they are the responsibility of the member bringing them.

All membership dues must be paid in full by March 1st of each year. Any child under the age of 18 Must have an adult Member present at all IRFC activities AND have a Notorized Liability Release form on file with IRFC.

The following are defined as:

 Adult: Any person that is 18 yrs. of age as of the date of application.

Child: Any person that is under the age of 18 as of the date of application.

Couple: Two persons that are adults, by definition above, and living in the same house.

Family: A group of related persons living in the same house as a family unit. Grandparent, Parent, child, grandchild, legally adopted or foster children. (If you have a question contact IRFC)

Individual Membership: $20.00     (Adult Only)

Couple Membership ( 2 adults in same household) $30.00

Family Membership:

Each Adult: $15.00 Each Juvenile/Child: $10.00

**NOTE: Any child that is 7yrs. old or under as of the date of application, will be allowed a one yr. free membership with a paid Adult membership in the same family. 

Payment can be made by PayPal on the website.

Membership cards will be sent via mail. If you do not receive your card(s) within 14 days Please notify IRFC.

Patches and other IRFC items can be purchased or earned. Please see our catalog and our point/awards earning opportunities.

God Bless and Let’s Ride!

The Logo can be added to Shirts, Jackets, Vests, Caps, Saddle blankets and Pads, and other clothing, Tack, signs and Flags to represent the IRFC.

Logo Patches and other IRFC items are available for purchase by Members.

Drill Team and Posse Members are required to wear specific clothing while participating in IRFC activities and must pass a basic riding test, as well as participate in practices.

Posse / Drill Team Members shall wear:

Straw, Black or Silver Belly Felt Western Hat.

Black, Denim, or Khaki jeans or Western slacks.

White Western Shirt with IRFC logo patches on each shoulder 

 Posse will also wear the IRFC Posse patch on left chest (Long sleeve or short sleeve to be determined by weather and event).

Western Belt and Boots

Drill Team Chaps

 Posse Chaps are optional but recommended

Posse/ Drill Team Tack

Matching Headstalls, Breast collars, and Saddle Blankets, Leg wraps and bell boot, will be used.

Bids for these items are currently being taken and will be available soon.

Outriders attire and tack: To be determined.

All Members: Will consist of their choice of Red, White Or Blue Shirt, Black, Denim or Khaki Pants, riding boots, Western or English hat/helmet. Tack will include, at the very least, same saddle blanket and leg wraps.

General IRFC Members 

Members who ride in Parades or IRFC activities will NOT be allowed to ride barefoot, with tennis shoes or other foot wear not designed for horseback riding.

FLAGS:  American Flag, State Flag, and the IRFC Flag.

**Note: IRFC caps, T-shirts, etc. are not allowed to be worn by Posse or Drill Team members during a performance.

All Drill Team/ Posse tack or required clothing is to be purchased by the member and kept in good, clean condition, in order to represent IRFC in a professional and caring manner.

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