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          1.        To promote fellowship with Christian horse enthusiasts.

  1. To introduce our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through Equestrian activities.
  2. To bring glory to Jesus Christ through various Rides, Rodeos, Seminars, and projects.
  3. To do our best to ‘roundup’ and guide the ‘strays’ to salvation through our Lord, Jesus.

                      About Us:

  4. We are a private organization for the purpose of maintaining our goals; all persons who have a love for Jesus and enjoy horses are encouraged to join us in our mission. We are down to earth, every day horse people. We are not perfect and we have our faults, as anyone in the flesh does, but we have a love for our Lord and Savior Jesus and we want to introduce others to the great Joy of knowing Him! If you enjoy horse-related activities such as Trail Rides, Parades, Drill Teams, Rodeos, Training Seminars, Etc. and you are a cowboy or cowgirl, or just one at heart, and you would like to ‘Ride for the Brand of the Cross’ or participate in IRFC activities and represent our cause, Please join us as we form this new and exciting Organization.  The first group to form is in the McLennan, Bell, Coryell, Falls, Counties, Central Texas area. (Temple, Belton, Waco, Gatesville, Valley Mills, Hewitt, Bellmead, West, Ross, etc) This group will be considered the Foundation group. Any person wishing to form an associate group in another location, may contact Bj. See contact page.   Groups will be Allowed to form in areas which are 60 miles or more from the home base, of the nearest IRFC group. Each Group will be Assigned a Region Number and will be bound by the Rules and Regulations set forth by the Foundation Group. All Associate IRFC groups will report to and  be governed by the Foundation Group, but have their own officers, rides, activities, and fundraisers. ALL groups may be invited to Other group Trailrides, Parades, fundraisers, etc. and will All be invited and included in the Annual IRFC Founders Fund Raiser.         

To have mounted representation at IRFC rides, Trail rides, Parades, Rodeos and other horse related activities. To have  IRFC representatives available to talk to and mentor others and to form mounted drill teams, rodeo teams, and more. This is a seed that God has planted in my heart and we are starting from the ground up. There are hopes and dreams of also having other chapters started in locations throughout Texas and the World! Hopefully a yearly ride (at the very least) for a charity of choice and/or Christmas Fund ride to raise money for needy children/families in our community. Our goal is to work with local churches NOT to take their place. This Equestrian Ministry is a step out in Faith, won’t you saddle up and join the Father’s Posse?

         Colors: Black, Red, White, Blue, Green and Gold.

Note: The primary colors are Red, White, Blue and Gold with Black and Green being used as accents. See Patches, Jackets, Tack and etc. for samples.

 Black: represents the darkness of sin and how it alienates us from God.

Red: represents the blood of Christ.  Jesus Christ suffered on the cross, shed his blood and died for our sins. 

  White and Blue: Both colors represent the spiritual cleansing that can only be achieved through a belief in Jesus.   

White: symbolizes Jesus' forgiveness and Purity and acceptance of the one true Spirit.

Blue: a reminder of Christ's sacrifice and the washing away of sins that we accept at baptism.

Green: symbolizes the growth of Faith. (Like nature and the growth of green trees, plants and grass from small seeds). Jesus commonly referred to the growth of the tiny mustard seed, explaining that the growth of faith is a process that expands over time and is a gift from God that grows by trusting and asking Him.

Gold: Symbolizes the richness of being an heir to the throne of God and Gods Glory!

IRFC Women's Motto:  

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil shudders & says...

'Oh crap...she's awake!!'

IRFC Men's Motto:

Live your life in such a way that when you rise out of bed, the Devil trembles & says.....

' Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!!'

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